Another outstanding musical by Cambridge-Isanti students

Dear Editor:

Once again the producer, director, cast, crew, and musicians have put to rest another successful premiere production.

The talent of the Cambridge-Isanti students is quite amazing, and their commitment to the performance was certainly evident. Looking as though they had worked forever on the play, they walked and sang across the stage with such confidence and professionalism. Hours and hours were spent perfecting, changing, and redirecting their attention. It certainly showed. The voices, singing totally unfamiliar songs, were strong and sure.

Before one of the performances back stage, several of the actors were practicing, directing their voices to a blank wall; one was sitting on the floor humming the tunes. This is high school theatre at its best. Total concentration; total attention……and great talent.

The music also flowed and helped to enhance some of the choreography; these “Nightmares” were so dramatic in their natural grace. And then, of course, there are those that are not seen—the lighting crew, the sound people, the stage people, the numbers of students involved. What an opportunity to grow in their craft. What an opportunity for us, the audience, to be able to see and appreciate their many talents.

Della Theis
Publicity for “4 AM. The Musical”