Isanti redefines the assistant city administrator-city clerk position

By Rachel Kytonen

In order to look at cost-saving measures for the city of Isanti, the council redefined its assistant city administrator/city clerk position into an administrative assistant position.

During the Isanti City Council meeting Tuesday, May 17, the council approved a job description for an administrative assistant position.

Isanti Mayor George Wimmer explained the resignation of assistant city administrator/city clerk Irene Bauer, who will retire in September, gave the city a chance to review the existing duties of the position.

After reviewing the position, a recommendation was made to revise the current position and re-align the job duties to existing staff and a new position.

The salary range for the administrative assistant position, a full time position, will be $42,203 to $52,124.

The city clerk title and all day to day administrative responsibilities will be shifted to the city administrator. Supervisory duties for the receptionist will be shifted to the finance director. As part of this, a new non-supervisory position of administrative assistant was proposed.

Major duties of the administrative assistant position include human resource functions, deputy city clerk functions and administrative support for the city administrator.

Since the administrative assistant job description was approved by the council, the revised job descriptions for city administrator and finance director will also be brought forward for consideration.

The combining of the city administrator and city clerk positions will also require an ordinance change.

COPS Grant

Isanti Police Chief Ron Sager approached the council about applying for a COPS grant through the Office of Community Orientated Policing Services (COPS).

Wimmer explained the COPS grant would be used for an existing position.

The COPS grant will pay the starting salary plus fringe benefits for up to three years and should the grant be awarded to the city, the city is required to retain the position for one year after the grant ends.

Following discussion, the council approved a resolution authorizing Chief Sager to apply for the grant.

Vandalism continues

In a brief report, Wimmer noted vandalism in the city continues to impact the city parks and businesses.

He noted there was another incident of vandalism on Monday evening.

“It’s a sad statement of where we are at that we continue to have to deal with these type of things,” he noted.

Wimmer also proclaimed June 9 as Mayor’s Employer Celebration Day. In honor of this day, an appreciation luncheon will be held where all employers and employees within the city will be invited to attend.