Cart to Cupboard is expanding services

Cart to Cupboard begins its third year in the community by expanding its grocery and prescription delivery service to all those 18 years and older.

The name, “Cart to Cupboard” describes what it does and how it works. People call the Cart to Cupboard office and order their groceries. The next day the grocery order is taken from the shopping cart and delivered to their cupboard. Groceries are purchased fresh each morning and are never stored. This guarantees the freshness and quality of each. Groceries are ordered one day and delivered the next between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Cart to Cupboard pays for the groceries in the store and brings the receipt to the customer. The grocery and or prescription order is paid by the customer, along with a $10 delivery fee, at time of delivery. This service delivers anywhere in Isanti County two days every week.

People can choose from Cub Foods, Target, Walgreen’s and Walmart in Cambridge for their grocery and prescription choices. Savvy shoppers look for specials and coupon savings that are passed on to the customer.

The service has recently expanded from serving an over 60 population only to shopping for anyone age 18 years and older. Whether you do not have time to shop, are frustrated with food aisle changes making it hard to find products, have other challenges shopping or picking up prescriptions, Cart to Cupboard can do it for you.

“I would tell anybody that if it’s hard for them to get their groceries, this is possibly the very best way to do it. My kids think it’s wonderful,”  said Cart to Cupboard customer Betty.

Cart to Cupboard is accepting orders by phone at 763-552-9222 and by email,