Ill-fated van theft yields six-month jail sentence

By Evelyn Puffer
Contributing Writer

A van theft from the Abbey Carpet parking lot on East Hwy. 95 in Cambridge that lasted about 10 minutes last December has resulted in a 6-month jail term for a Monticello man. If he violates his 10-year probation that sentence could result in 17 months in prison.

Chad Roy Amundsen, 35, told authorities he had only wanted to get warm when he got into a 2000 Econoline  van with the motor running Dec. 13, 2010.  When he drove out of the parking lot his story became less believable to investigators.

The van’s driver, a contractor who had stepped into Abbey Carpet to drop off a key, looked up just as the van drove past the window on its way to Hwy. 95.

With the contractor chasing the van on foot, the driver, later identified as Amundsen, attempted to make a U-turn to go west, giving the other man just enough time to jump in the vehicle and attempt to pull Amundsen out.

The contractor said he wasn’t sure how Amundsen got out of the vehicle but that he took off running north toward Cambridge State Bank while the contractor pulled his van out of traffic.

Amundsen was arrested a short time later.

On May 4 Judge Robert Rancourt sentenced Amundsen to 180 days and a $385 fine for felony theft, with credit for time served since his arrest. He was placed on 10 years probation and a 17-month prison term was stayed.

A charge of felony theft-indifferent to owner’s rights was dismissed.