Encourage your legislators to support the parks, trails

Dear Editor:

Please join the Isanti County Parks Department and the Greater MN Regional Park and Trail Coalition in urging our local legislators to support the park and trail provisions in the House Legacy bill, and SF1230, a bill sponsored by Sen. John Pederson, R – St. Cloud, in the Senate which provide the best efforts to bring equity to the distribution of approximately $38 million in annual Park and Trail Legacy revenues between the state, and Greater Minnesota parks and trails.

Greater Minnesota cannot fund the planning and construction of the statewide system of regional parks and trails called for in the Parks and Trails Legacy Plan – A 25 Year Long Range Plan for the State of Minnesota, on the 16 percent of Park and Trail Legacy funding recommended by Governor Dayton.

In undercutting Greater Minnesota in favor of continuing to enrich the DNR and metro parks and trails – each of which receive an equal share of 42 percent exclusive funding – Governor Dayton is ensuring that Greater Minnesota will not share in the vision created by the citizens of the state who voted for the Legacy Amendment.

Our hope is with the legislature in the form of the House Legacy bill, and SF1230 in the Senate. We hope you will help us build support for adequate park and trail legacy funding by urging your House member to support the House Legacy Park and Trail bill, and your Senate member to support Sen. John Pederson and SF1230. You may even wish to contact the Governor’s office to let him know his Park and Trail Legacy recommendation for Greater MN is too low and needs reconsideration.

Barry Wendorf
Isanti County Parks Director