A Good Republican

Dear Editor:

Our new Representative in Washington D.C., Chip Cravaack, is an awesome Republican. He votes along with all the other Republicans on lowering taxes for the rich and ending Medicare and Medicade as they exist today.

I got a card in the mail from Representative Cravaack that said, ‘The changes (in Medicare) are common sense…” Common sense would say that all seniors should be included. Why would his plan only apply to those under 55?

He also voted to increase spending on the military that included spending to finance race cars for NASCAR. I am confused. Common sense tells me that kind of spending is not necessary if you are really serious about our nations debt.

Howard Lewis


  • jon

    I agree with Mr. lewis, all current Medicare recipients as well as future retirees should feel the brunt of our current financial mess. Why allow folks a free pass just because they are over 55? Lets be honest, the last few years of ones life is when the majority of health care benefits are paid. The current Republcan voucher plan is a guaranteed way to cut costs, once you have used up your alloted vouchers and personal resources, your out of luck if you still need care. Can’t pay for health care, you don’t get any. One way to thin the herd and cut costs, great job Mr. Cravaack…….