Waiting on an apology, answers

Dear Editor:

Where are the apologies to Mr. Clausen and this community from Ed Hill, Dan Fosse, John Carlson, Bruce Novak, Susan Burris and the Cambridge-Isanti School Board? Where are the financial records accounting for all the money spent on this ridiculous legal matter? I, for one, am not going to take this matter lying down. No one in this community should.

If a levy or bond is to ever get the support of this community, answers need to be given to us explaining how this unnecessary financial loss will be corrected. I have always been a believer in what is best for our students. This whole situation was not in the best interest of anyone except for a few who obviously had a personal vendetta and wanted to unduly punish a man and those who allowed it to happen. I think it’s time for us to take a good hard look at the leaders (if you can call them that) of our school district. Mr. Novak, Ms. Burris, board members Polzin, Hawkins and Nelson, you need to resign. You have embarrassed our community and should know that no one will continue to trust your judgment on what is best for our children.

Jean Sunderman



  • Linda wright

    I feel their are many very deep and hidden issues that need to by brought to surface involving our schools and the safety of our children, I for one will also not be laying down. Also if anyone out their can tell me what 0 tolerance and no bullying means to Isanti Intermediate I would love to know, Thank you