Please return the soccer balls

Dear Editor:

As a local business owner, I was very excited to hear that Isanti was hosting  2011 U.S. Youth Soccer MN State Cup.

Let’s welcome these participants and fans, show them what a warm and welcoming community Isanti is. So the signs went up, the reader boards begin to flash. Local shopping maps were made, and bags were stuffed with goodies from local business.

Friday morning the pansies where planted and the “on loan soccer balls” where placed securely throughout town in our beautiful barn wood planters.

How nice everything looked, only for me to receive a call within three hours. The first ball had been stolen from the Municipal Liquor Store planter. Then Tuesday morning I received the second call that all the remaining soccer balls had been stolen.

How disappointing this was. A kind gesture to our visitors, was taken away by some foolish souls.

So if the person or persons would be so kind and return our soccer balls, no questions asked. It would greatly be appreciated.

Dori Johnson