Braham youth makes a difference in hunger

Dear Editor:

When I was 5-years-old my grandma Carol and I were praying for hungry children. I didn’t really understand why kids were hungry and grandma explained as best as she could to a 5-year-old.

Then she asked if I remember when I had cancer and taking steroids, and how hungry I felt all the time. I said I did remember how my stomach felt when I was hungry, even though I ate a lot. Grandma told me there were millions of kids that go to bed every night feeling like that because there is no food in their homes. Then she told me people can help by raising money and donating it to our local food shelf. I said I can do that.

After the first donation I kept filling the jar. It’s been six years now, and this year I gave $222.65 to Donna Golly on March 25 for our local food shelf. I feel great each year after giving away something to help. I can always open a cupboard and refrigerator to get something to eat. I wish everyone could do that. I also believe if everybody did a little bit, we could stop world hunger.

Kaitlyn Dordal