Northbound Liquors is National Winner

Rachel Kytonen

Bobbi Mix will use just about anything to make her wine displays unique. She will bring in antique items from home, or even make her husband build something.

Northbound Liquors, Cambridge’s municipal liquor store, won its second national first place merchandise display award in December 2010. Bobbi Mix, Northbound Liquors’ Assistant Manager, designed the award-winning displays, and enjoys offering unique and creative displays for her customers. Photo by Rachel Kytonen

Whatever the case, it shows. Bobbi Mix, assistant manager at Cambridge’s municipal liquor store, Northbound Liquors, recently learned she won a first place national award for her display in December using Yellowtail wines.

Mix’s display was chosen from over 700 displays nation-wide. Mix also won a first place national award in August from Rosemount Wines that also had over 700 entries.

“I have always enjoyed building neat displays,” Mix said. “For decorations, I use a lot of things. I bring in things from the woods, haul stuff in from my home, and even my customers will bring in items for the display.”

Cambridge City Administrator Lynda Woulfe said she doesn’t know of any other city winning two first place national awards in the same year.

Mix said when deciding on what wine display contests to enter, she always makes sure it’s a product that customers will purchase, and there isn’t a minimum number of cases she has to purchase for the display.

“I only enter these contests if I know it’s a product we can sell,” Mix said.

The Yellowtail Wines contest in December was a Christmas theme, and mix mentioned Wolcyn Tree Farms donated the trees for the display.

“The sales representative saved bottles for me, and the ornaments for the tree were made from Yellowtail bottles,” Mix said. “We also brought in an old sled for the display, and antique windows. It was a small display, using only 75 cases, but it was unique.”

Mix said she never purchases items for her displays.

“I do a lot of recycling with antiques and craft fairs,” Mix said. “I like to use different and unique things with my displays. Customers come in here all the time, and comment on the unique displays. It’s a really neat thing for our store.”

Store Manager Terry Baar said Mix’s displays make the store unique, and customers enjoy seeing what displays she’ll do next.

“Bobbi’s display’s are very important to the store,” Baar said. “We want our display’s to be fun,creative,and keep changing.”

Baar feels Mix’s displays add a lot to the store.

“We want the image of a fun store with a personality,” Baar said. “Our customers comment two or three times a week on our displays. Bobbi is a very good employee. She is fun, dedicated, creative, knows and loves wine.”

Mix, who has worked at Northbound Liquors for over 20 years, said she really enjoys her job.

“I really like working for the city of Cambridge,” Mix said. “I like the freedom I have to make decisions, and enjoy all the employees and customers I work with.”

Mix said the rewards that come with a first place award really go to the sales representative, but she gets the pride in knowing it was a job well done.

“This is a great job, and I love all my customers,” Mix said. “The atmosphere in here is really fun, and I was really excited when I got a call from my sales representative about the first place award. We like to change things around in the store, and keep things fresh and exciting.”

Northbound’s Spring Wine Tasting will be held Thursday, April 14, at the Armed Forces Reserve and Community Center in Cambridge.

Wine Tasting begins at 6 p.m. and the cost is $20 per person. There will be a delightful assortments of appetizers and a over 100 different wines to sample. Call Northbound Liquors at 763-689-2468 to save your spot at the tasting. Reservations are not required, just suggested.

Northbound Liquors is located on the east side of Cambridge, 1655 East First Ave. E. (Hwy. 95), and can be reached at 763-689-2468.