Cambridge Helios Lodge wins Excellence award

The Masonic Information Center has announced that Helios Lodge #273, Cambridge, was one of 17 Lodges nationwide to be recognized for outstanding work in promoting Masonic Awareness in the community and within the Fraternity.

The Helios Lodge #273, Cambridge, received the Mark Twain Award for Excellence in Masonic Awareness. Pictured, from left, are members Pat Cahill, Fred Carlson, Helios Lodge Worshipful Master Ralph Powell, David Rahm, Minnesota Grand Master John L. Cook, Jr., Scott Fredell, Lance Bursch, Bob Fredell and Roger McNear.

The Mark Twain Award for Excellence in Masonic Awareness was presented to Worshipful Master Ralph G. Powell and members of Cambridge Helios Lodge, by Minnesota Grand Master John Cook, Jr., at the annual meeting of the Minnesota Grand Lodge in St. Cloud on Saturday, April 9. GM Cook noted that Helios Lodge was the first Minnesota Lodge to be so honored.

MIC’s Twain Award signifies Helios Lodge’s superior accomplishments both to invigorate Freemasonry’s identity throughout the community and to enrich the quality of educational and fraternal experiences within the Lodge. Its fifth year, the Twain Award Competition continues to draw increasing numbers of submissions while maintaining its high standards of evaluation.

Lodges from 38 states competed for the 2011 Award with only 17 being selected. Winners distinguish themselves by exhibiting energy focused on three stages of work: planning, executing, and reflecting on activities directly related to enhancing Lodges’ Masonic identity. Historically, the Masonic fraternity emphasizes the importance of education, self-improvement, good works and fellowship.

“Our Lodge members set a quest for excellence focused on two goals: improved visibility and increased emphasis on Masonic Education,” said Helios Master Ralph Powell. “There is great leadership within the Lodge and each of the programs succeeded because of the enthusiasm of those leaders.”

The programs and projects of Helios Lodge in 2010 included: scholarship awards, firearm safety, highway clean-up, Kid’s ID, Neighborhood Halloween party, National Night Out, Harbor Room fund raiser, and Lodge education improvement, an aggressive effort to upgrade the Lodge Library.

Most historians believe Freemasonry arose from stonemason’s guilds in the Middle Ages and began to flourish in the 1700s in Europe, the American Colonies and Canada.

Today, North America’s Masonic Fraternity provides fellowship for over 1.4 million members. Masons are known for their commitment to making good men better and doing good works.

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