Senator Klobuchar vs. Minnesotans

Dear Editor:

Last November, America’s middle-class voters sent a message to the federal and state governments across the country. Responsible citizens changed out numerous statehouses and the U.S. House of Representatives in what can only be described as a historic election. Our friends and neighbors in Minnesota did likewise, voting a majority of conservatives into both the state House and Senate – for the first time in 38 years. The message: limited government, greatly reduced spending, and lower taxes.

The Federal government is careening towards fiscal disaster at the rate of $130 billion per month. This government has put us on the hook for $15 trillion in debt obligations without any viable means of paying it back, and will add $1.7 trillion in new debt this year, trying to delay the day of reckoning in a losing race with insolvency. The government will eventually default – repudiating its debt outright or its future commitments such as Social Security and Medicare. Compounding irresponsibility is the Federal Reserve, creating money to purchase U.S. Treasury debt from profiteering dealers on Wall Street, leaving us holding the bag.  Ponzi schemes can last a long time, but eventually the public will connect $4 gasoline, collapse of the bond market, more unemployment, more food stamps, and insurance company and pension fund failures, realizing that they have been had, once again.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are fiddling around. The U.S. House of Representatives, including our 8th District Congressman Chip Cravaack, passed a bill on February 21, 2011 to slice a modest $61 billion from fiscal year 2011 spending.   But according to, the U.S. Senate, including Minnesota’s Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar, defeated the House bill on March 9, 2011, instead proposing to cut only $6 billion out of $3.7 trillion in spending. Wow.

Lacking any semblance of institutional courage, the U.S. Senate just sent a memo, signed by 64 senators, to President Obama asking him to take the lead on deficit reduction. This is like asking U.S. Representative Charlie Rangel to take the lead on tax collections.

Senator Klobuchar is ignoring Minnesotans’ demands for limited government. We do not need more government programs as proposed in the Innovate America Act, which demonstrates the Senator’s naiveté in the area of small businesses, research and development, and global competition. We also reject squandering more debt on biofuels subsidies via Senator Klobuchar’s proposed Securing America’s Future with Energy and Sustainable Technologies Act. Given the dubious benefits of ethanol and the unquestionable impacts on groundwater supplies, world-wide food prices causing social unrest, and federal debt, this act is something we can do without.

It seems impossible for progressive liberals to do anything other than add legislation and spending. Must be a genetic condition. But Minnesota households know that excessive spending and debt can end very badly. That’s why we voted as we did. We are tired of elitist public officials dishing out borrowed money without even a thought about the ethics of not paying it back. A second wave of conservatives is needed. Conservatives with principles, ethics and respect for the U.S. dollar. Conservatives who can downsize government and strengthen the middle-class, creating self-reliant households based on work, savings and income-producing investments – making sure that the people who make this country run are never made dependent and defenseless again. Send a conservative wave in November 2012.

Michael Chopp
North Branch