Support local tree sales

Dear Editor:

Almost every morning Ace, our Golden Retriever, and I walk around our property. It’s about a mile and we walk rain or shine; in the winter it’s dark when we walk and I use snowshoes. At 20 below I bundle up in layers and Ace gets impatience waiting for me, then he rolls in the snow.

One of the things we do on our walks, especially on winter weekends when it’s light, is to check our seedlings that we’ve planted. Over the years we’ve planted thousands of trees and many different varieties. We work with  Chisago County’s Chisago Soil and Water Conservation District. Every year they, along with Isanti County’s (SWCD), have tree sales; all the trees are winter hardy for Minnesota winters. We’ve done large plantings where we use a planter that pulls behind a tractor. On plantings the district will help you, even draw plans for a successful planting, and provide advice all along the way.

The tree sale in Chisago and Isanti runs until April 22, or until sold out. Contact Chisago SWCD at 651-674-2333 or, or Isanti SWCD at 763-689-3224 ext 5 or This summer Ace will be with me as we replant any trees that didn’t make or when I’m mowing between rows. Whenever you plant a tree you are looking to the future and the next generation. Happy planting.

Rick Olseen

Sunrise Township