Who are you going to trust?

Dear Editor:

Standing in line at Wal-Marts across the country you can see a message on the monitors from Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano telling the shoppers if you “See Something Say Something.” Since coming to Wal-Mart the “See Something Say Something” Campaign has also appeared at the Super Bowl, the NBA, at federal buildings, the Mall of America and other locations.

See Something Say Something is about the people taking on responsibility to prevent terrorism in our own backyard. That seems like a patriotic cause. But how important is it really?  More people in our country die from a peanut allergy or getting struck by lightning than they do from terrorism.

How about trust? Are we going to trust the advice from the federal government to protect us from terrorism? Here is a fair question: What came first, the 2009 Underwear Bomber or the Total Body Scanner? Kurt Haskell who was on Flight 253 watched as the Underwear Bomber was assisted on the plane without a passport, without going through security and he was being videotaped the whole time. Mr. Haskell had a visit from the F.B.I. at his office shortly after his trip. The F.B.I. was trying to get him to change his story. Don’t believe me, do your own research.

The Department of Homeland Security has brought us the “dehumanizing” pat downs at the airports. Do you think they are going to stop there? These are the same people that are supposed to protect our borders and yet the American Dream called the U.S.-Mexican border the most dangerous place on earth.

Call me paranoid but now is not the time to let the federal government divide and conquer the American people. Here is my “See Something Say Something:” If I see something I am committed to asking you if you need some help or is there anything I can do for you? Let’s not get in the mindset that everyone is a potential terrorist and we need to be suspicious of anyone unlike ourselves. Who are you going to trust? I am going to choose my neighbor.

Paul Bergley