Cats in need of homes

Rachel Kytonen

Nancy Morton, of Stanchfield, needs to have major back surgery soon or she risks permanent damage. But something keeps holding her back.

Nancy Morton, of Stanchfield, holds “Leo;” one of the six cats she is looking for a caring family to adopt.

Not necessarily the fear of the surgery itself, but the fact she first needs to find homes for her six cats.

Morton said last week her doctor told her she should have had the major back surgery she needs this past winter. But she refuses to do it until she can find good homes for her cats.

“My goal is to find good people to take care of and adopt these cats,” Morton said. “I love my cats to death, and they have become children to me. But I need to find better homes for them. The cats deserve better than what I can give them due to my declining health and back problems. I love them enough to let them go, and realize I’m not the only person who can love these cats.”

Morton has six cats she needs to find homes for. She has three tabby cats; one long-haired black Persian; and two cow kitties, that have white with black spots.

She has been raising the cats since they were born, and all six have been spayed and neutered.

“I took the first three cats to help my son out,” Morton said. “But before I could get the female neutered, she got pregnant, and I would up with three more cats to raise.”

Morton said she has been looking for homes for her cats for over a year, and has called every animal and rescue shelter in the state.

“All the animal and rescue shelters in the state are full,” Morton said.

Morton said her six cats, “Taboo,” “Ouiji,” “Mickey,” “Leo,” “Jujube,” and “Pookey,” are loving lap cats, and stressed they are indoor cats only.

“They are all good cats, and real loving,” Morton said. “They are well-trained and behaved, and are used to being around small dogs.”

Morton said it wasn’t an easy decision to part with her cats.

“I have three kids who are grown-up and married, and these cats kept me company,” Morton said. “Originally I had seven cats, but I was able to give one away, and I cried for two days. But the cat did go to a young couple from Cambridge who will take good care of it.”

For more information on adopting the cats, call Nancy Morton at 320-396-3767. She can describe each cat in further detail, if interested.