It took a team of dedicated officials to get bridge project funding

Dear Editor:

It was wonderful to read in last week’s paper that the improvement of the 2nd Avenue Bridge in Cambridge was approved by the Cambridge City Council. With the planned replacement of State Highway 95 bridge over the Rum River just west of downtown, there were many people concerned about a 15-mile detour and the disruption that would have occurred to our whole community. With the 2nd Avenue Bridge improvement project this year, that detour will be avoided.

Congratulations to Mayor Marlys Palmer, Cambridge City Council, and Cambridge city staff on paying cash for the city’s portion of the bridge project cost, $866,034 of the $1,477,451 project. This is a true demonstration of solid city management.

I think it’s important to note that the funds that will be used to pay the state portion of the bridge project came from the 2010 state bonding bill, which includes approximately $60 million for out-state bridges. This bonding bill was supported by and advocated for by our former State Senator Rick Olseen. When talking with him it’s clear transportation in our area was and is still important to him. He attended many meetings in our area on road projects and improvements including the MN Hwy. 65 Corridor, and the MN Hwy. 47 and MN Hwy. 95 intersection; showing his willingness to work with local officials and MnDOT. So thanks, Rick, for helping to obtain over $600,000 for the state portion of the bridge project.

Now may we all have patience as the construction begins.

Patricia Thul