Cambridge man charged with felony tax evasion

The Minnesota Department of Revenue announced on Tuesday, March 15, that the Isanti County Attorney’s Office recently charged Ryan Leonard Esposito, 29, of Cambridge, with five felony tax charges.

The formal complaint charging Esposito with the five felonies was issued Dec. 9, 2010 by Judge P. Hunter Anderson at the request of the Isanti County Attorney’s Office.

He made his first appearance in 10th District Court on Feb. 9 before Judge James Dehn where he was released with orders not to leave the state of MN without court approval, to remain law abiding, and to make all future court appearances.

Esposito is charged with five counts of filing false returns for tax years 2006 through 2009.

According to the complaint, Esposito allegedly filed income tax returns for those years which contained false information.

In his 2006 income tax return, Esposito listed himself as head of household and claimed his girlfriend as a dependant. However, she filed her own tax return for the same year.

In Esposito’s 2007 income tax return, he allegedly omitted unemployment income and fraudulently claimed moving and employee expenses. He also claimed his girlfriend, listed as his sister, as a dependent. The result was a fraudulent refund of more than $1,400.

In his 2008 return, Esposito omitted unemployment income and interest and filed as head of household with a dependent he was not entitled to claim. This resulted in a fraudulent gain of more than $1,200.

Esposito filed a 2009 return fabricating a claim of withholding for more than $29,000. He also claimed $189,000 in his W-2 wage income when he actually received only $897 in W-2 income. As a result, he received a fraudulent tax refund of more than $16,000.

In addition, when asked to supply the department with copies of his W-2’s, Esposito allegedly created forged W-2’s which he sent to the department.

Each felony is punishable by up to one year in jail, up to a $3,000 fine, or both.

His next court appearance is in Isanti County before Judge John McBride on Wednesday, March 16.

— Submitted by the Minnesota Department of Revenue