Questions remain regarding district’s action against Principal Mitch Clausen

Dear Editor:

Last September, Superintendent Novak got his contact renewed for another three years approved by the District 911 School Board. Dan Fosse was quoted as saying “Novak provides positive leadership and is an amazing asset to the district. Even more amazing, he said, is the fact that he recognizes the state the district is in financially.”

Does Mr. Novak and the School Board really know how our district is doing financially? That must be the reason this Clausen witch hunt has gone on for so long. Never mind that class sizes are outrageous or that teachers don’t have enough textbooks for everyone. Instead they must have figured this money can better be spent on destroying a man’s reputation.

If Mr. Novak is such a positive leader why was this folly allowed to go on? When has the School Board ever been allowed to micromanage the district as it has lately? Maybe Mr. Novak said yes to their antics in order to get his contract renewed. I don’t know. But someday I would like to know why this was allowed to go on for so long, why this case wasn’t dropped, and an exact dollar for dollar account what it has cost our students. Mr. Novak and School Board members, let me ask you this: Who is going to pay for this bumbling situation? This loss of district monies is all on you. You owe this community an explanation. I’m waiting…

Jean Sunderman