Obama Care has important benefits in it for millions of Americans

Dear Editor:

Mr. Jerry Wennberg (letter, March 2 issue) said I wrote that I was surprised I could buy cheaper insurance after “Obama Care” (his term) became effective on 9/23/10. I did not write that. I wrote that because of the new health care program, I could purchase a new policy that, compared to the one I had at the time, 1) had a lower deductible; 2) included no-cost preventative care, including a physical and an eye exam; 3) bettered my prescription drug coverage (I had none before); and, 4) would cost me just $8 more per month. Not cheaper. Eight dollars more. To me, the $8/month was well worth these benefits. My surprise was the ability to get all that for so little.

Mr. Wennberg seems upset with “these same people,” who he says are responsible for other things to which he objects. So, I guess that means he didn’t, and still doesn’t, approve of Obama’s health care program. But I can’t figure out why. There were important benefits in it for millions of Americans, benefits that should serve to keep them healthy and out of expensive emergency rooms, thus holding health care costs down.

I think Mr. Wennberg simply disapproves of government involvement in his life, and I would agree that it is there in every step we take and every transaction we make. That doesn’t please me either, but it isn’t “these same people” who are responsible. Mr. Wennberg wants elected representatives to do things his way, do it quickly and get out. I would rather see them work together for the betterment of as many people in the state/country as possible in the most cost-effective manner possible. That should not be asking too much.

Loren W. Brabec