A new health care law

Dear Editor:

A while back, I wrote an article in this newspaper about my mistrust of Obama Care. In the article, I quoted Mr. Loren Brabec when he said after 9/23/2010 he was surprised to see he could buy cheaper insurance. When I said that our government wants to do all of the thinking for us, I meant no disrespect to him or anyone else. What I mean is, every time I turn around, there stands our government with their fingers stuck in a part of my life.

Everyone, I think, agrees we have to do something about the cost of medical care. But do you really think these people in Washington are the ones to fix it? These are the same people who borrowed over $1 trillion from Social Security and will never be paid back. Now Obama wants to cut $500 billion from an already broke Medicare.

These are the very same people who were supposed to be keeping an eye out on the banks and stock market. I think we all know how that played out. Look around you at Fannie, Fredie, the post office, our school system, illegal immigration, $14 trillion of debt. It’s just one big joke after another. Now they want to take over health care and student loans? If Obama or anyone else from Washington comes knocking on our doors with offers of billions of dollars trying to buy your vote, just remember every bit of it was borrowed. We are broke.

The American people showed a lot of spine and showed the people in Washington that’s enough stupidity. We have had enough. 2012 will probably be the most important election this country has ever had.

It’s going to be important that we put people in office who know what they are doing and know how to quit spending. When you vote, don’t pay any attention to the cute smile and the mumbo jumbo double talk. It’s the old guard in Washington that got us into the mess we are  in. Think term limits. There’s a lot of young people in this country with a lot of good ideas and that is just what we need  in Washington. Keep them moving and don’t let them make a career out of it. It’s the only hope we have.

Jerry WennbergIsanti