4th-place State finish for C-I Gymnasts

The Class AA Gymnastics Team championships turned into as tight an affair as advertised, with just the minutest of differences creating space at the top. Northfield ended up repeating as State champ by just 3/10s of a point over Roseville. Cambridge-Isanti wasn’t far behind with a 148.225 total, but Park of Cottage Grove slipped past them for the bronze medals by just 1.6 points.

Anna Solbrack competing on the Beam at State.

“It’s amazing to know we went out there and did well. We medaled last year, but we did even better scorewise this year,” said Evenson.

Evenson was one of five Bluejacket seniors competing Friday night at the team championships hosted at the brightly-lit U of M Sports Pavilion. A vocal C-I fan contingent could be heard during the team’s turn on the apparatus.

The Bluejackets opened on the Beam steady but not spectacular– taking just one fall. Senior Anna Solbrack’s 9.45 led the way, with Evenson closing the set with her 9.125.

Solbrack followed with a team-high 9.525 on the Floor. Classmate Emily Vogelpohl was next with her 9.35, followed by senior Jessicah Rooney’s 9.325.

The big moment for the Bluejackets came on the Vault. Evenson stuck for a 9.35 and senior Nadia Nassif scored a 9.375. When Solbrack and Vogelpohl both hit big-time 9.55 scores, the Bluejackets broke the team record with a 37.95 total.

“Vault was just amazing. That’s the one thing that really stands out for me,” said Vogelpohl. “It feels really good to go out and hit at this huge meet. I felt like I really contributed to the team.”

The Bluejackets closed on the Uneven Bars. Steady scores resulted, but the Cottage Grove girls were able to hold onto 3rd place in the meet. Vogelpohl flew on the bars for a 9.425, Evenson came in at 9.225 and Solbrack posted a 9.2.

Cheri Evenson flying off the Vault during State 2011.

“Tying our season-best team score at State is really remarkable. The girls did 19-for-20 on routines tonight,” described Jacket head coach Wendy Rooney. “We broke the Vault record for the second time this year, so we’ve had five school records broken this year which is really cool.

“They came here and did they the job. They didn’t let nerves get the best of them, so that was the highlight for me.”


Class AA Gymnastics Team Finals

Team: Northfield 150.4, Roseville 150.1, Park of Cottage Grove 149.825, Cambridge-Isanti 148.225, Eden Prairie 146.85, St. Cloud Tech 141.85, Rogers 140.275, Wayzata 140.224.

Bluejacket scores

Beam: Solbrack 9.45, Evenson 9.125, Vogelpohl 9.075, Rooney 8.925, Nassif 8.325.

Floor: Solbrack 9.525, Vogelpohl 9.35, Rooney 9.325, Evenson 8.975, Ziebarth 8.875.

Vault: Vogelpohl 9.55, Solbrack 9.55, Nassif 9.375, Evenson 9.35, Ziebarth 8.875.

Bars: Vogelpohl 9.425, Evenson 9.225, Solbrack 9.2, Ziebarth 8.675, Nassif 8.55.

Class AA Gymnastics Individuals & All-Around

All-Around: Solbrack 14th 37.125 (top event- Floor 9.4); Vogelpohl 20th 36.65 (top event- 9.425 vault); Evenson 25th 35.9 (top event- 9.3 vault).

Beam: Nassif 30th 8.325.