Cleaning fees discussed at Sandquist Park

Cambridge City Council
For nearly an hour, the Cambridge City Council heard from the
Cambridge-Isanti Area Softball Association and Cambridge-Isanti
Competitive Baseball regarding the fees associated with Sandquist Family

Rachel Kytonen
[email protected]

For nearly an hour, the Cambridge City Council heard from the Cambridge-Isanti Area Softball Association and Cambridge-Isanti Competitive Baseball regarding the fees associated with Sandquist Family Park.

During the meeting, Tuesday, Feb. 22, City Administrator Lynda Woulfe explained she received some calls from CICB members regarding proposed fees at Sandquist.

Duke Weisbrod, from the CIASA, explained in a recent meeting with CICB, he told them an additional cleaning fee of $65 per day would be added to the upcoming season. CICB uses the fields at Sandquist on Monday and Friday evenings, throughout May and June.

Lance Olson, with CICB, said adding the $65 cleaning fee will cost CICB $1,040 for 16 nights.

He mentioned there is also a $14 fee per day to have someone run the concessions and open the restroom facility that will cost $224; for total of $1,264.

“We lowered our fees this year to help keep this affordable for our kids,” Olson said. “We don’t have any extra money. This fee isn’t feasible for us to pay.”

Weisbrod said CIASA contracts with Rum River Ornamental for cleaning services, who does a great job.

“I don’t blame the Softball Association for having the park cleaned and looking nice,” Olson said. “We just can’t afford the fee.”

Olson said CICB already set its fees for the upcoming season, and expects 400 to 450 kids to participate.

After a lengthy discussion, Weisbrod said he would go back before the CIASA Board and see if CICB could only pay for one cleaning since no one uses the field much during the weekend.  

Weisbrod said there would have to be an effort made by the CICB coaches to keep the area some-what clean following the Friday night game so garbage doesn’t get scattered around, since the fields wouldn’t get professionally cleaned again until Tuesday morning.

Olson said he would make sure the baseball coaches remind folks about keeping the area clean after the Friday night games. He said he will also discuss this potential arrangement with the CICB board.

Weisbrod and Olson both agreed they have tried having volunteers scheduled to clean up the facility following games, but it just hasn’t worked.

“I don’t think Sandquist Family Park would be nearly as successful if it wasn’t clean and proper maintenance wasn’t done out there,” said Cambridge Mayor Marlys Palmer during discussion. “We just need to figure out how kids can play there and not be a hardship.”

The Council also brought up the possibility of the police department having a key to unlock the restroom facilities to help CICB save on costs relating to the $14 fee to open the restrooms and run the concessions. It’s up to the user of the fields if they want to have the concession stands open.

Also in his presentation to the Council, Olson stressed the need for more baseball fields for the younger kids.

“I do realize we need more fields,” said Council Member Bob  Shogren. “When the economy recovers, hopefully we’ll be able to build more fields.”

Palmer stressed a partnership needs to be considered.

“I think we owe it to the children of the taxpayers to have facilities for them, but I don’t think the city can do it on its own,” Palmer said. “I think if we put our heads together, we can come up with some sort of fund for fundraising efforts. I thank the both of you for what we do, and I know you volunteer a lot of your time to your respective associations. I think we can work together on this.”

Council Member Lisa Iverson said she was also impressed with the professionalism displayed by Weisbrod and Olson.

“Gentlemen, I’m really impressed by the way you handled this, and the way you’re looking out for the kids and adults playing at the field,” Iverson said. “Thank you for all your hard work.”

In other action the Council:

• Approved a motion to withdraw the approval of the previous approved professional services contract and approve a new contract  with the IDM Group of not to exceed $8,300 to conduct a hotel study of the city of Cambridge. Staff felt the contract with IDM would provide greater information.

• Approved a motion authorizing approval of the preliminary lease terms for two years for the New Beginnings Community Church. The church will be renting the Woodcrest Park Church, located at 2275 335th Lane NE, Cambridge. The lease will begin on March 1, and rent will be waived for March and April in lieu of repairs and work being made to the property. Rent payments will begin May 1. Annual lease payment will be $5,600 the first year and $9,000 the second year. The lease has a renewable option at the end of each year.

• Approved a fireworks contract with Pyrotechnic Display, Inc. for $10,000.  

• Approved a motion accepting the pricing from Granite Electronics for the purchase of 800 mega hertz portable radios, mobile radios and base units for $256,215. Woulfe noted Granite will be offering a new promotion beginning March 1 where it will receive $350 back on each radio purchase.

• Approved a motion awarding the catering contract for the Armed Forces Reserve and Community Center for 2012 through 2014 to LeFebvre’s Catering.