The Cold Truth

Dear Editor:
Glenn Kampa’s letter “Where Is The Opposing View On Global Warming?” is right on the mark.

It’s easy to understand what underlies his complaint—that there certainly is an abundance of scientific contrarian viewpoint. But it’s politically correct to deny reality, so that the lemmings of the left have been able to hi-jack the truth, leading many down the slope to the sea.

I recently heard part of an interview with the founder of Green Peace. He said something that some have been telling us for years about the whole environmental movement—that the organization was initially dedicated to environmental principles.

But at the collapse of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s the worldwide communist movement didn’t have a nourishing spiritual home anymore, so in order to remain true to their anti-capitalist faith many of the leftist radicals slid sideways and joined the environmental movement in order to tear down the West through the destruction of our basic economic lifeblood. Green Peace had been compromised…taken over…by radicals bent on the destruction of capitalism, that thing which has under-girded our liberty and economic progress through the centuries. Environmentalism was simply a convenient means to this communist end.

This isn’t exactly what you would read in a Sierra Club mailing. Nor in a carbon credits pitch by Al Gore, who is hoping to pocket hundreds of millions with his scheme, and whose father was the chief lawyer and a top business partner of Armand Hammer, the right hand man and go-to guy here in America of communist Russia’s maniacally murderous leader Joseph Stalin. Gore’s hypocrisy is reminiscent of Karl Marx, who used to hang out for long periods at the London Stock Exchange investing for profit…just to learn the ropes you understand…so he could then better alert the world to the evils of capitalism.

The radical theft of environmentalism points an obvious lesson. A sure way to bring down a strong county is to do it from within, have its own people destroy it. Though I dearly hope it won’t happen this way, leftist plotting could be brought to naught by Earth’s ever more likely long term drop in temperature. As John Everett at has said: “Warming is bad? Watch food supplies after just one frost in summer.”

Rod Bergengren