Tell Cravaack to vote for us

Dear Editor:
If you voted for Chip Cravaack, you should know he didn’t vote for you.

He voted against allowing you to keep your child on your health insurance until he/she is 26. He voted against requiring insurance companies to accept if you have a preexisting condition. He voted against requiring the insurance companies to spend at least 80 percent of their revenue on claims for their customers like you.

Also, according to Representative Cravaack’s political philosophy, he probably will not vote for funding for the Northern Lights Express train (scheduled to stop in Cambridge). The Republicans plan cuts in so many important programs like transportation but Captain Cravaack and other Republicans will not touch the massive spending on the military budget. America spends $2 billion a week in Afghanistan. I would like to see Representative Cravaack vote for us. We are his constituents.

Call Representative Cravaack and tell him to vote for us, 202-225-6211.
Howard Lewis