Soldier overseas appreciates the community care package

Dear Editor:
My name is Captain Michael Sedrick and I recently received a care
package, complete with letters from Cambridge Intermediate School.

Thank you very much for thinking not just of myself, but also the troops as a whole. We really do appreciate the support we receive from home from people such as yourself. I did share the contents of the package with the other Marines here.

I am currently serving in Afghanistan. Everything here is brown—brown sand, brown tents, brown uniforms, brown trucks, and…well brown everything. It is very sandy here, but the sand is more like dust, similar to baby powder. That being said, there is always dust everywhere on everything. After a while, we get used to it for the most part.

I am a helicopter pilot and have been able to fly over both the desert and the mountains. We also have to fly over some urban areas at times, as well. When we do fly over the populated areas, the helicopter is at a low altitude. This enables us to be able to see some of the Afghan people; they are very poor. On my first flight, I saw a man and his son of no more than nine years old. They were wearing nothing more than what appeared to burlap rags for clothing. After landing in one zone, there were a lot of farmers standing around the zone looking at us. One old man only had one leg and had to use a crude wooden crutch.

The people we see are predominantly men. The women are not allowed to go out of the house without a male escort. Yesterday, I saw a woman standing near her house. She was wearing a tan head scarf and bright turquoise dress. It was quite unusual to see because (1) we don’t see very many (if any) Afghan women and (2) her brightly colored dress was out of the ordinary; most of the clothing we see people wearing is tan, gray, black, brown, and—very rarely—white.

Thank you again for sending me the letters and care package; it is appreciated. It is nice to know that there are people in the U.S. that truly do support the supports.

Captain Michael Sedrick
United States Marine Corp