County Board moves meetings back to Wednesday morning

Isanti County Board
County Board meetings will be back on the Wednesday mornings for 2011,
a move approved at the Jan. 4 annual reorganization meeting.


Greg Hunt
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County Board meetings will be back on the Wednesday mornings for 2011, a move approved at the Jan. 4 annual reorganization meeting.

The past few years, most regular board meetings were held Tuesday mornings, with approximately four quarterly Tuesday night meetings. For this year, meetings will be held the first and third Wednesdays of each month. All will be during the day at 9 a.m. since the night meetings (apart from the annual Truth in Taxation meeting) were sparsely attended by constituents.

Two public hearings were approved for the Wednesday, Jan. 19 meeting. One is the annual adoption of the Isanti County Fee Schedule where the board will go over all existing and new fees for the county departments.

The other public hearing will regard the future of the county’s Human Rights Commission. Commissioner Susan Morris, the board appointee to the commission, voiced her frustration by the lack of attendance by commission members—stating that most months over the past two years there was not a quorum at the meetings.

“It was frustrating to see the lack of participation. Some nights I wasn’t notified when meetings were cancelled. There is a state Human Rights Commission which covers areas the county commission does. I would recommend abolishing our Human Rights Commission,” said Commissioner Morris.

Commissioner George Larson added the board has not acted on any request from the Human Rights Commission the past two years.

Reorganization decisions
2011 Board Chairman: Commissioner Larry Southerland; Vice Chair: Commissioner George Larson
Committee of the Whole meetings: First one Jan. 24, remainder of year will meet third Monday of the month
Official publication: Isanti County News (The NEWS bid $4.65/column inch {same as 2010} compared to $1.95/column inch by the STAR. The NEWS was selected based on delivery to 12,897 homesteads in Isanti County, compared to 1,246 for the STAR)
Committee Appointments: All commissioners are members of the county’s Economic Development Authority (EDA). Chairman Southerland will represent the board on the county’s Planning Commission. Kurt Daudt’s open committee spots from 2010 will be filled temporarily by other commissioners until the new District 4 commissioner is elected in May. After that, committee appointments will be reviewed.
New constituent appointments for 2011: Becky Moritz and Marlys Palmer to the EDA; Larry Fredlund to the Planning Commission; Mike Mueller to the Water Management Task Force.

In other action, the board:
• Approved Sheriff Russ Monson’s request to try out Bob Peichel as a volunteer bailiff. Hearings in two courtrooms at the same time, along with dealing with vacation days, have necessitated the need for another bailiff.
• Approved the re-appointment of Don Hansen as county surveyor, and the recommendation of Mark Hansen as deputy surveyor.
• Did not budget for gopher bounties for 2011.